Godalming Food Festival

Godalming Food Festival

Godalming Food Festival

On arrival, I popped into the Parish Church, a candle lit, prayer card writ for Cristina.

Outside the church a piper playing, Awful noise. Bagpipes are not for pleasure, the Scots used them when they went into battle to terrorise their enemies.

I was tempted to walk along the river, but decided not, maybe later.

Yasemen Kaner-White book signing

Yasemen Kaner-White book signing

Church Street was closed, as was the High Street. Stalls lining Church Street and all the way down the High Street.

Usually Godalming is quiet, a handful of people going about their businesses, although I have never been there on a Saturday. Actually not true I have been on a Saturday for Staycation Live, and the town was quiet then, though the park was packed for the music.

Thai food

Thai food

Ascot Ales

Ascot Ales



The High Street was packed, I have never seen so many people in Godalming, Some of the stalls, you could not get near due to the people. A paella stall and a hog roast, had a queue half way down the street.

Karen Page, amazing performer. And what a difference a decent sound system came make. She was playing in the street, then invited to play at the Pepperpot (where they had decent sound system). They should have had her playing as the main act at the Pepperpot, as what they had playing mid-afternoon were awful

She told me she was at the Farnham Carnival last week, but was asked to play in the street. Why was she not on the main stage, as what they had playing were dire? The exception being The Miller Family, and they are a brilliant seven-piece band.

I picked up a signed CD Karen Page for my friend Crisobella. I suggested she uploaded her album to bandcamp.

Karen Page is a must for Staycation Live this year. I also suggested she played at Café Mila, and at Harris + Hoole in Guildford.

Two years ago, Staycation Live had excellent food, last year, the ghastly commercial stainless steel burger vans. They must invite the local hog roast and decent local food, as they did two years ago.

Jo Wheatley gave baking demonstrations which I missed. A signed copy of Home Baking for my friend Alice.

The man who has a basket shop down a side street, and a little Christian bookshop at the back, had a stall with strawberries and cream. I told him of the talk Canon Andrew White gave at Alton Maltings, and apologised for not letting him know in advance, as I know he would have liked to have attended.

For next year

  • Curries from Home
  • Thai restaurant from Jeffries Passage in Guildford
  • Hobo Co coffee
  • Dylan’s ice cream

I was pleased to see most of the stalls were using card and paper for their food and drinks, wooden forks. A few though were using polystyrene burger boxes, plastic cups. Standards need to tightened. It must be possible to recycle or compost.

I told a couple of local retailers of Guildford Independent’s Day, and suggested the same for Godalming. They thought a great idea. I would though go further, launch a local currency, form an embryonic Transition Godalming, make this their first projects, then officially launch all three next year.

cucumber soup

cucumber soup

A bowl of soup from Café Mila. Cucumber soup. Cucumbers, unless the little ones, are fairly tasteless. I have never before come across cucumber soup. It was excellent, though it did have spices in it.

Pork off the hog roast. Excellent pork. I assumed it must be a suckling pig, but no. Generous portions too. I returned later and had sausages off the butcher.

Afternoon tea at Café Mila, followed by a zinger (apple, pear, lime and ginger).

relaxing outside Cafe Mila with a  glass of sparkling wine

relaxing outside Cafe Mila with a glass of sparkling wine

Alan was playing cello. It was very pleasant sitting outside listening to the sound of the cello drifting out, drinking a glass of sparkling wine. I suggested he got together with a couple of friends, live concert at Café Mila, record, and if good enough, release on bandcamp for digital download, and have available as a CD Live at Café Mila. I suggested he check out Zoë Keating, especially her album Into The Trees.

Café Mila has books to take away, books to browse. I sat outside browsing through Snakistan, a wonderful book of Middle Eastern street food, with lovely stories from Nasrudin.



I suggested Steve would like Sacred Economics, sharing, collaborative commons. We see this at Café Mila with their summer art exhibition. Support for local artists, it brings people in.

I had a last look at the summer art exhibition. It ends on Sunday.

summer art exhibition at Café Mila

summer art exhibition at Café Mila

summer art exhibition at Café Mila

summer art exhibition at Café Mila

A chat with artist Beth, who I met in the spring, and whose art exhibition I missed in May. She said only those she had invited had attended, nevertheless, the exhibition was a huge success, as they came from all over the UK, and even from the States, and she sold four paintings.

I suggested she read The Alchemist, and check out the talk Andrew White recently gave in Alton. As she was going on holiday, she said she would download The Alchemist to her Kindle, to read whilst away.

A train to Guildford a little before 8pm, for a cocktail party at Harris + Hoole.

A strange day, warm, then late afternoon turned cold, then turned warm again.

Saturday 26 July 2014 — Guildford summer festival farmers market

last Saturday July 2014 (?) — Staycation Live

Tuesday 5 August 2014 — Guildford farmers market

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