Just Shop: Yet another Aldershot retailer closed

Just Shop

Just Shop

Just Shop is yet another Aldershot retailer to close.

Just Shop was a wonderful little food shop, and its loss is a great loss. It served mainly Baltic and East Europeans, with a range of foods from those countries, plus it was starting to stock local produce, especially organic.

Christina knew all her customers.

It has closed, not because it was not well run, not because it was not popular with its customers, but because it was being screwed by a greedy landlord.

Customers have lost an excellent shop, Christina has lost her businesses, even the greedy landlord has lost as the shop will now sit empty. And of course the town centre loses out with yet another empty shop, one less reason to visit Aldershot.

The neighbouring businesses, will probably also close, as they too are being screwed by a greedy landlord.

The loss of Just Shop, a quality local retailer, is the type of quality local business Aldershot can ill afford to lose as there are few left.

Just Shop, was one of the few shops worth making a trip to Aldershot for.

At the current rate of loss and attrition, all that will be left in Aldershot will be fast food joints, gambling dens, and boarded-up shops.

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