Poor service and food at The Queen Hotel

rump steak less peas

rump steak less peas

 rump steak with peas

rump steak with peas

Since it re-opened in April following a £2.3 million refurbishment, the service and food at the Victorian Queen Hotel in Aldershot has been very mixed. Sometimes very good, at other times very poor.

The week it opened, it was chaotic, it then improved, now complacency has set in.

Rump steak can be excellent, it can also be very poor. Usually tough, but tasty. Last week the steak almost cold, the peas cold, the mushroom cold.

I once made the mistake of ordering steak when it was not steak day. A big mistake, you pay a lot more.

Chicken is pretty disgusting.

Burgers usually good.

Gammon steak usually good. Though why no pineapple?

Curry avoid, go to a decent Indian restaurant.

Fish n chips, the fish usually very good, the chips leave much to be desired.

Beer is usually good. I once had to send a beer back. It was changed without a quibble. I opted for a cup of tea.

Today, the service was abysmal, as was the food.

I asked for fish n chips. I was charged the wrong price. When I queried this, I was told only available on Friday. I pointed out available at special price afternoon up until 5pm and it was only 4pm.

The excuse then was I had ordered London Pride and offer only applied to guest beers, and yet, most of the guest beers were not available, and whilst this may be true, I have had London Pride in the past.

Manager intervened, and went through at correct price.

Not the first time this has happened, charging for the free beer. Last time this happened, it was because the beer was over 5.0% alcohol. And yet I had specifically asked was it in the offer. They were going to throw away what had been drawn and serve me a different beer. I pointed out this was ridiculous. A manager intervened, I kept what had originally been drawn.

I have also been charged high price for gammon, when on offer during the afternoon.

The fish was awful. And was not served with peas.

I called over a member of staff, and said it was not edible, and wished to send it back.

Why, what is wrong with it?

Fish taste not good.

Cannot change because you do not like the the taste of the fish.

Then relented when I said I had had fish before.

I said I did not want fish, I would have the rump steak, left over from day before, which was on offer and cheaper than fish n chips.

Waitress had to go away and discover if this was possible.

Yes, it was. I emphasised that I wanted it with peas, peas which should have come with my fish n chips.

Rump steak served with chips, no peas.

I point out, I had asked for peas.

No, cannot have peas.

Then tried to claim I had not ordered peas with my fish n chips. It actually comes with peas.

Then tries to take away my steak and chips.

I said no, bring the peas,

The peas came. They did not taste very nice either.

At no time during my two different attempts at a decent meal, did anyone come over to ask how was the meal.

When my meal was finished, the waitress who had quibbled when I sent the fish n chips back came to clear away my plate. She made no attempt the pick up the peas that had spilled onto the table, or to clean the table.

Building work taking place. Apparently to install new staircase next to existing staircase. A somewhat pointless exercise, but I guess to segregate the hotel.

The Queen Hotel is a Grade II listed building. Should planning permission not be applied for?

The female manager who is usually there, very good and always helpful, not there. On holiday, left? Maybe explains how bad today.

A pretty bad experience.

A couple of hours later, I was feeling sick.

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    Lunch at The Queen Hotel

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