Surfing the waves in Cornwall

What if the next wave never comes?

What if the next wave never comes?

In Cornwall, I would wander around the old mine tailings, open mine shafts, former now long abandoned tin mines.

In Puerto de la Cruz, I would watch surfers. Not bad, though nothing though to the surfers I would see in Cornwall.

Water and steams would wash through the mine tailings, these have now formed rich tin deposits off the Cornish Coast. A company, Marine Minerals, wishes to dredge and dump millions of tonnes on the seabed.

I was horrified and dismayed, when I saw in pristine water, a very small dredging operation in operation in Protaras. It was only affecting a few hundred square metres, but the damage to the beach, the rocks, the sea life, the water being tuned cloudy, was very evident.

The proposed dredging in Cornwall, apart from the damage to the seabed and impact on marine life, will release heavy metals and toxic materials.

The dredging off the Cornish coast, would be as close as 200m to the shoreline, putting paid to any recreational activity, including surfing.

Surfing in the UK is estimated at £3.2 billion (of which the majority is in Cornwall).

There is no legislation in place to protect surfing beaches.

Please sign the petition to oppose dredging.

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