Steph Bradley storytelling at Harris + Hoole

Steph Bradley with Alice

Steph Bradley with Alice

water meadows at St Catherine's Lock

water meadows at St Catherine’s Lock

I would love to be able to report a huge success, as Steph had travelled some distance as part of her Tales of Our Times tour but sadly not, as not a soul turned up.

Why, I do not know. Posters and flyers in Harris + Hoole, but we had not (to my knowledge distributed elsewhere, for example Guildford Library, Guildford Institute, Tourist Information, but they were made aware. Staff at Harris + Hoole, let their customers know. We made use of social media, both I and Harris + Hoole tweeted, though no one re-tweeted. Maybe it was because it was Sunday, maybe because it was outside their usual opening hours.

Guildford Book Festival was aware, but failed to pass the word on social media. Do they not like highlighting local book events? Shame on them if they do not.

For those who thought they might have come, this is what you missed.

Following a dream, Steph spent six months walking around England, telling stories, collecting stories. All of which was writ in the great book, Tales of Our Times. Tales of Our Times, is a limited edition, collectors item. Had folk turned up, they could have bought at reduced price, a signed copy. They could also have entered a raffle to win a copy.

Steph is bringing out a new book soon, maybe towards the end of this year, Flip Flop, first as an e-book on leanpub, then as a paperback.

Maybe if the Guildford Fringe Book Festival ever gets off the ground, maybe Steph will return.

Steph had for me, a signed copy of Tales of Our Times. To her great surprise and joy, I gave her a signed copy of a special limited edition 25th anniversary copy of The Alchemist.

Copies of Transition Free Press were left at Harris + Hoole, plus details of her books and how to order. Hopefully, Harris + Hoole will act as distribution for Transition Free Press.

Shock horror, on my way home, I found I no longer had my signed copy of Tales of Our Times. Where had I left it? My initial thoughts were on the train. I thought very very carefully, of all aspects of journey since leaving Harris + Hoole. Maybe, just maybe, I had left it at a pub where I had briefly stopped, sitting at an outside table. I called the pub. they checked, and yes it was sitting there. They said they would safeguard it for me to collect.

Prior to Harris + Hoole, I gave Steph a guided tour of Guildford, a walk along the river, and we were very lucky to catch a lady locking up St Mary’s Church (where Lewis Carroll preached) and we got a quick look inside.

Steph at Harris + Hoole with copies of The Alchemist and Tales of Our Times

Steph at Harris + Hoole with The Alchemist and Tales of Our Times

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2 Responses to “Steph Bradley storytelling at Harris + Hoole”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    That looks like one big book Keith. Shame after three very hectic days I spent a day chilling in the garden otherwise I may have come along.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Yes, Tales of Our Times, one big book, weighs in at just under 2kg.

    What I should have done, is at the garden party on Saturday, asked for the microphone and invited people along.

    Garden party would have been a good location for storytelling. Maybe something to consider for next year.

    Steph also brought along, Totnes Pounds, a local currency. It is only this evening reading about them in Transition Free Press, I realised what they were. I regret to say I did not give a close examination.

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