Afternoon in Guildford with Steph Bradley

Steph Bradley with Alice

Steph Bradley with Alice

water meadows at St Catherine's Lock

water meadows at St Catherine’s Lock

Sunday is not a day I would usually spend in Guildford, besides it was a hot day, I would rather be relaxing in my garden, as it was a very hot day. But, I had arranged to meet storyteller and author Steph Bradley, who was on her Tales of Our Times tour, act as her guide for the day, then escort her to her venue that evening.

Luckily our trains arrived within minutes of each other.

We walked along the river, and I showed her Alice and her sister, and the rabbit vanishing down a rabbit hole.

I had intended to eat at the Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage, but not knowing if it would be open, and it was a shame to be indoors, I thought try The Keystone, if not too crowded.

I expected The Keystone to be packed, but it was not, but then neither were the other pubs.

The Keystone has recently changed hands, after it went rapidly downhill. What would it be like? Widescreen TV, definitely a retrograde step, but otherwise much need renovation. And the food? Our fish cakes were excellent, though the salad not as good as used to be.

A lazy day, I was happy to sit there all afternoon, but I had promised to show Steph around.

We went for a walk along the river, as far as St Catherine’s Lock.

We were very lucky, a lady was locking up St Mary’s. She agreed to let us briefly look inside.

Then it was to her venue, Harris + Hoole for story telling. Sadly no one turned up.

Steph had for me a signed copy of her book Tales of Our Times.

Shock horror, I no longer had it. I must have left it on the train. I thought long and hard, maybe, just maybe, I had left it at the Old Ford, where we had briefly stopped. I called the Old Ford, blessed relief, it was there. I thanked them and said I would pop in and pick it up.

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