Violent assault on the streets of Aldershot

victim of violent assault in Aldershot

victim of violent assault in Aldershot

blood on the street

blood on the street

blood on the street

blood on the street

1820 this evening, opposite the Bingo Hall, a man lying on the ground, a pool of blood near his head, a small group of people standing by, one on the phone to ambulance service.

I assumed the man had fallen, smashed his head, but as I learnt when I spoke to him, no, he was the victim of a violent assault. He was in a very groggy state, was not too aware of what was going on, other than he had been assaulted, unsteady on his feet when he tried to stand, though he did slowly slowly start to recover.

Fearing that he was suffering from concussion, I persuaded him to sit down, and relax with his back against the shutters of a derelict shop. I asked to speak with the ambulance control, and descried to them the state of the man.

I also asked one of the people to call the police, which they did.

Many thanks to the man passing by who stopped to assist. Many thanks too, to the lady driving by, who saw what had happened, pulled up in her car and got out to see what help she could provide. And thanks too to the attractive Nepalese girl on her way to the cinema, who stopped and acted as an interpreter.

Shame on the people who walked on by as the violent attack took place, who saw a man lying in the street.

Shame on those gawkers outside the Bingo Hall opposite, who stood idly by and did not lift a finger to help.

At least two CCTV cameras cover the scene, three if count Bar One.

Hopefully the assaulted man will be ok and the attacker caught and successfully prosecuted.

And the many people who were witness to the attack, maybe they will do the decent thing, come forward and give the police what help they can. Even if only a description of the attacker.

It is easy to see why people avoid Aldershot.

At night, drunken scum on the street.

Last week, a girl was raped in the town centre.

This attack was not at night, it was in the town centre in broad daylight.

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