Lincolnshire County Councillors snouts in the trough

The obscenity of increase in allowances for Lincolnshire county councillors whilst simultaneously they impose cuts, impose mass closure of libraries across the county.

And less we forget, they quite literally get their snouts in the trough when it comes to pig time in the County Restaurant.

One rule for them, one rule for local communities. For elected officials, it is a gravy train run at our expense.

One again we see the need for a right of recall, to kick these odious councillors out of office.

The local community is now crowd funding to raise the money for a Judicial Review of the mass library closure.

Well done Stephen Palmer, who has had the decency to donate his £100 increase in allowances to the fund to fight a Judicial Review. Will other councillors have the decency to follow his excellent example? We are waiting to hear from you.

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2 Responses to “Lincolnshire County Councillors snouts in the trough”

  1. Ros Jackson Says:

    Some of the Labour county councillors will be donating their increases towards a Labour fund, Labour Action For Lincolnshire, which was announced recently. The purpose of that is to help out people who have been badly hit by the spending cuts. I don’t believe details of how this money will be spent have been finalised yet.

    My guess is, there may be a little in the pot for libraries, but more of it might have to go on victims of the bedroom tax and other injustices.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Why only some of the Labour county councillors? What did they do to oppose these increases?

    At a time when ordinary people are suffering, at a time of savage public sector cuts, there should have been no increase in allowances for councillors. There should have been a cut. But it is sadly all too typical of the self serving low life scum we see in public office,

    Was the increase in allowances only £100, or did leader, cabinet members, chairman of committees, see an even bigger increase? After all, they do so much to serve their local communities (I do not think).

    See, for example, the increases self-serving Surrey County Councillors awarded themselves.

    Sadly public office has become one big gravy train.

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