The Traditional Plaice

The Traditional Place restaurant

The Traditional Place restaurant

 cod and chips

cod and chips

A tiny little fish n chip shop in Downing Street with a restaurant out the back.

As it was late afternoon, and I was feeling hungry, I thought I’d give it a try.

Walk through a narrow passageway at the side of the fish n chip shop.

I was greeted by a zombie like creature. Greeted, a slight exaggeration, she just stood there. So much make up, gave the impression her face was porcelain. Maybe that is why she did not smile, it would have cracked. Scrub off the make up and she would have been very attractive.

She showed me through to the restaurant, or rather, I asked could I go through.

I was surprised how large it was, with a tiny garden out the back. And it was empty, bar two occupied tables, and they left as I arrived. Popular it clearly is not (though maybe early).

I had not been there long, when three people walked in. They had the whole restaurant to sit in. They sat at the adjacent table right on top of me.

Service was appalling.

A long wait until zombie took my order. And even longer wait until the food arrived.

I had asked for a glass of water. I had to ask for it again when the food arrived.

Fish n chips, choice of cod or haddock. Cod was £8-35 and upwards. Haddock was over £10!

A choice of peas, mushy peas or salad.

The plate was too small, salad overflowing onto the table.

Cod and chips was ok, nothing to get excited about, cod and chips were piping hot, and must have come straight out of the fryer. The batter was light and crispy.

The glass of water I did not touch, the glass was filthy, I could feel the dirt as I picked the glass up.

Environmental Health must check this place out.

Not somewhere I will wish to return.

Oh how I miss The Barn, where you could get an excellent lunch, all freshly prepared.

To put the price in context, fish n chips at The Queen Hotel in Aldershot, £5-09 (and you get a free pint of beer).

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