Dredging at Protaras

silt and sand spewed onto the beach

silt and sand spewed onto the beach

For the last few days there has been dredging at Protaras. A little white boat at sea, the sand and silt spewed out on the beach.

Apart from any damage this is causing to the sea bed, it is unsightly on the beach, making it look like a building site, the sand is flowing over the rocks and into the rock pools, the water is being turned cloudy by the silt, which is damaging the rock pools, the fish and the plant life.

Do Cypriots hate the natural world? It would seem so.

  • Fig Tree Bay destroyed
  • last May, wild flowers and bamboo destroyed along coastal path (it has not recovered)
  • Sirena Bay, attempt to destroy bamboo thickets, home to rare water snake

Why the dredging? To cover the rocks!

It beggars belief, some worthless jobsworth in the local town hall has decided the rocks must be covered up.

Why, because rocks that are on the waterline are slippery due to algae on the rocks. People may slip and fall over, apparently a few already have.

That is a case for taking more care, not covering the rocks with sand and silt, sand and silt that will be washed away by the tide.

The rocks further out have sharp edges. What do we do, grind away the edges, smooth with a sander?

The rocks, the rock pools, are a feature of the beach. The water usually crystal clear. The rock pools are fish breeding grounds. Children and adults alike, like to visit the rock pools.

A few tides, and the sand will be washed back out to sea, but not before the damage has been done.

Not a single visitor on the beach happy with what is happening.

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One Response to “Dredging at Protaras”

  1. keithpp Says:

    By September, probably long before, the dreged sand had been washed away.

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