Freddo cappuccino

freddo cappuccino

freddo cappuccino

One and a half shots of espresso. A single shot too weak, double shot too strong.

Whilst coffee brewing, foam skimmed milk. Has to be cold out of the fridge, has to be skimmed milk. Froth until thick like cream.

Coffee pour into cocktail shaker. Two lumps of ice, not one, not three. Froth coffee until bubbles appear.

Fill tall glass with ice. Pour in the coffee leaving a gap at the top for frothed milk. Fold the frothed milk back and forth very slowly. It should not sink into the coffee. It should be possible to form a curved meniscus on top.

The perfect freddo cappuccino, almost jet black coffee, topped by a creamy brown layer and creamy white layer.

Drink through a straw.

Looks good. Tastes good. A very refreshing drink on a hot day.

Requires high quality coffee.

A very skilled job to make, a lot of practice to perfect the various stages.

That shown not perfect.

That shown, freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie.

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