Surrey snouts in the trough

When you contrast it with the sort of pay rises ordinary working people are receiving, if they are getting pay rises, [and] in particular our staff, it does not look good. — Helena Windsor, UKIP councillor

It’s totally unacceptable, totally – almost ugly – in today’s climate that we can be leaving a £19 million hole in the adult social care bill, taking £200,00 out of local community charities, and then awarding councillors another £170,000. — Jonathan Essex, Green Party councillor

Yet another example of the low life we have as councillors, ever keen to get their snouts in the trough.

Surrey County Councillors vote themselves an increase, for the leader, a whopping 60% increase.

To make matters worse, the increase was voted through with no advance notice.

The increase will see the leader’s pay rise from £27,000 to £43,000, while his deputy would see his pay rise from £19,500 to £31,250.

For what? Does anyone believe these people act in the public interest?

People in Surrey have seen services cut, their own salaries shrinking in real terms.

It is not only Surrey, where the snouts are in the trough.

Former Essex Council leader, Lord Hanningfield was jailed for nine months in 2011 for fiddling his parliamentary expenses. Then, he was convicted of six counts of false accounting relating to nearly £14,000 of claims. He was suspended from the Lords in November 2011 and returned to Parliament in April 2012. He is now under investigation for turning up, clocking in, to claim his £300 per day then leaving the building. Why is even in the Lords?

Why do we tolerant this low life scum in public office?

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