Pathetic attempt to justify copy protection

I listened lunchtime on BBC Radio 4 You and Yours a pathetic attempt by video industry to justify copy protection. It was a mix of myth, lies and half truths.

Long overdue, a change in the law to make it legal to copy for own personal use. But does not go far enough, we need a removal of copy protection and digital rights management from DVDs and e-books.

The person from the video industry was floundering. It was as though did not believe the garbage that was being spouted.

You can download a copy on-line.

Why should you? And it is not free if you have to pay for the data, and somewhere someone is paying for the data.

People do not choose to watch films on computers.

Really? I watch on my laptop, others watch on phones, tablets.

DRM gives the consumer choice.

Er no. DRM restricts what the consumer can do, where can watch, on what can read.

We also have the old chestnuts of pirates running off millions of illegal copies and selling them.

The reality is a greedy dinosaur industry that for years has been ripping people off, and its only answer is to criminalise potential customers.

All DRM and copy protection does, is cause major headache to users.

Want to break regional coding and copy protection, try

To copy, try

One day these behemoths will realise they are long past their sell-by date and the world has moved on.

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