St George’s Day farmers market

Celtic Baker

Celtic Baker

I was surprised how fast the River Wey was flowing, and running high. Heavy rain last few days and saturated ground.

Today an extra farmers market for St George’s Day. The English think it is something uniquely English. Maybe they should have a word with Greeks, Brazilians, Romanians, Russians ….

At least the extra market was midway between the first Tuesday of the month, but it was more or less a waste of time going. Many of the regular stalls not there. Of the stalls that were there, many of the stallholders looked bored stiff, too many more interested in the content of their mobile phones tan what was happening in the street.

There needs to be a tightening of standards. Food served in polystyrene burger boxes is not acceptable. Guildford needs to join the dots.

Candle lit in Holy Trinity for my lovely Romanian friend Cristobella.

It is rare to find Holy Trinity open. Did the caretaker really have to make a racked with a vacuum cleaner?

Lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage. The boss away, the service poor, the food not very good either.

Cappuccino in Harris + Hoole. They really have made a mess of the back wall. A pity as a good job was done when it opened.

Guildford holds a farmers market in the cobbled High Street first Tuesday of the month with an occasional extra market.

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  1. OllyTemur Says:

    Everything looks wonderful 😀

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