Restoration of the Town Bridge

Town Bridge

Town Bridge

The River Wey used to have a ford, Golden Ford, from which the town derived its name, Guildford.

Navigation of The Wey, was incompatible with a ford. A stone bridge crossed the River Wey.

The stone bridge was swept away in a flood in 1900. The present Town Bridge, spanning the River Wey at the bottom of the High Street, was constructed in 1902.

Several months of work, the time scale much extended due to the winter floods, the Town Bridge has been renovated.

It is good to see a town valuing and looking after its heritage. Contrast with Farnborough where the 1720s Tumbledown Dick is being demolished for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s or Aldershot where the renovated early Victorian Queen Hotel is the exception not the norm.

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