An Introduction to Dark Mountain

I can recommend Dark Mountain, an anthology of essays, prose, poetry and art from The Dark Mountain Project.

Over Christmas, I read most of Dark Mountain 4.

The last couple of days, Dark Mountain 5 was published.

Rather than order Dark Mountain 5, and keep having to use their website to order each volume afresh, which is a pain in the neck, I have taken out a subscription, which had the added bonus of letting me order Dark Mountain 5 at a discount. I could have ordered two volumes at an even greater discount, but it only gave a choice of Volume 4 or Volume 5.

Dark Mountain was an annual publication, the funds raised for each volume raised through crowd funding. To put it on a more secure footing, it is now funded through subscription, with two volumes a year.

The books are not available as e-books. This is a mistake. E-books reach a far wider audience, the reader may not have the pleasure of a real book, but at least they will not be denied the pleasure of the contents. I suggest publish on leanpub, set a low minimum price, with the option to pay more.

There are zero marginal costs with e-books, therefore set the price less than a dollar, with the option to pay more. This would mark a move towards the collaborative commons, the gift economy.

Dark Mountain is a collaborative venture. Contributors do not get paid, in return, they receive a copy of Dark Mountain to which they have contributed.

The Dark Mountain Project is a network of writers, artists and thinkers in search of new stories for troubled times. We promote and curate writing, art, music and culture rooted in place, time and nature.

Note: Haunting music in the video is by Evi Vine.

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