Afternoon in Farnham

riverside walk

riverside walk

River Wey flowing through Gostrey Meadow

River Wey flowing through Gostrey Meadow

A day like yesterday in Guildford and the day before in Godalming, except no sun, and a cold wind blowing.

Instead of alighting from the bus in the town centre, or before Gostrey Meadow, I decided to alight at the sports centre and walk along the River Wey.

I walked a little way downstream, then along to Gostrey Meadow. A pleasant riverside walk.

I was surprised how fast the river was flowing along this stretch. The water very clear, I could see the stony bottom.

There needs to be a pedestrian crossing to cross the busy main road to continue the riverside walk into Gostrey Meadow. Also on leaving Gostrey Meadow into the town centre. This is a blind corner and very dangerous to cross.

Picked up guitar from the music shop in Downing Street, re-stringed, tuned, and they had even cleaned the guitar.

I had hoped I may find Pijus Mickus as I found last week playing piano in the Parish Church and whose concert I attended on Thursday, but learned that he had already returned home to Lithuania.

I sat for a while in the churchyard reading Sacred Economics on Kobo Touch.

Farnham Local Food Project, has launched Grow-a-Grower crowd funding project. So far so good. But why launch through a crowd funding site, in this case, Crowdfunder? Even were the site to raise awareness, what interest is there going to be in a food growing project in Farnham? Zilch. The place to raise awareness is within Farnham and the surrounding area. What use is being made of garden share schemes?

Waitrose need to get their act together. Barely more than half the tills manned and long queues.

Late lunch at The Barn.

Bus from Farnham on time.

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