Cappuccino and cookie at Harris + Hoole

cappuccino and cookie

cappuccino and cookie

Harris + Hoole, North Street, Guildford

Harris + Hoole, North Street, Guildford

It was a pleasant afternoon, after a fresh fruit juice at Glutton & Glee I sat reading Sacred Economics in the Castle Grounds. As a result, gone six, and so I did not expect upstairs to be open. Luckily it was not too noisy downstairs.

An awful mess has been made of the back wall. A pity as it looked quite good before, now awful.

Last week I downloaded the Harris + Hoole app. I cannot see what use it serves. I will probably delete.

It does not orient itself, but apparently not all apps do.

Very bad the Harris + Hoole app provides the option of signing in with facebook. Many will be tempted, a single click, rather than sign in with user ID and password. Resist the temptation, it provides faceboook with yet more personal information to abuse, information on what you are doing outside of facebook as well as within.

Harris + Hoole should show greater respect of their coffee drinkers personal data. They should remove the facebook log in.

I am at a loss why anyone drinks coffee at Costa. Their coffee is vile and disgusting, served too hot, in coffee cups too large, factory cakes, and it is expensive, loose change from a fiver.

Or tax-dodging Starbucks.

And to add to the list of tax-dodgers, now Caffe Nero.

One of the big differences, between Harris + Hoole and Costa, apart from one serving quality coffee and the other serving a vile, undrinkable hot beverage that is claimed to be coffee, is the care, indeed pride, in preparation. No, you do not walk off and leave the milk, whilst you are making a cappuccino.

Interestingly, I can tell the difference between who is making the coffee, and the same person over time.

It is not though only the down market coffee chains. Yesterday in Waitrose in Godalming a milky, hot beverage, and no it was not a cappuccino, in looks, like what gets served at Costa. The coffee out of the machine at Waitrose is actually better. I had to ask for a drink of water to take the taste away.

Making coffee is more than installing an espresso machine and buying a bag of coffee beans. It requires quality fresh beans, freshly ground, a quality coffee machine and a skilled barista. Lack any one, and you will not get a decent cup of coffee.

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