Maria Miller goes

house taxpayer helped Maria Miller  buy

house taxpayer helped Maria Miller buy

My concern is with the toxic damage it is doing to the reputation of Parliament — Baroness Boothroyd, Former Commons Speaker

Many thanks to everyone for their support, this morning Maria Miller resigned.

But even that was not done with good grace. She still does not seem to be able to accept she has done anything wrong, she has still not offered to pay back in full what she fiddled, she is still a Member of Parliament. Her explanation for her resignation was that she was becoming a distraction.

She gets a £17,000 pay-off. Why?

Last night, she told the Basingstoke Gazette that she was devastated. Well now she knows how the poor feel when their benefits are stopped on a whim.

Through the Basingstoke Gazete she issued an apology to her constituents, but why did she not do that when she was first found out?

One of her aides last night claimed there had been a witch hunt against Maria Miller. No, people just wished to be rid of her. They quite rightly saw, one rule for those with their snouts in the trough, another rule for the rest of us

Maria Miller showed the arrogant contempt of the rich and powerful who think they are untouchable.

Once she was found out, she should have had the good grace to resign. But she did not, she intimidated the investigators, intimidated and tried to silence the press. Then came a grudging apology to the House of Commons. An apology that is forced, an apology that is not delivered with grace and humility, is not an apology.

Why can these people not resign with good grace? They hang by their fingertips, until eventually public pressure forces them out.

There is no difference apart from degree, between Maria Miller and the deposed former President of Ukraine.

Asked yesterday by the BBC on the streets of Basingstoke, Tory voters without exception, said she should go. Asked would they vote Tory, they said no, they will be voting UKIP.

Why did she resign this morning? Could it be something to do with the public schoolboy slanging match, aka Prime Mister’s Question Time? Could it be something to do with David Cameron being summoned to appear before the 1922 Committee?

David Cameron has shown an appalling lack of judgement. He should have summoned Maria Miller and demanded her resignation.

And why exactly did Maria Miller need a second home, for many of her constituents, it is a daily commute from Basingstoke to London, a journey of less than an hour. 52 minutes on a fast train 1157 Basingstoke arrives London Waterloo 1249, then a pleasant walk along The Thames.

Why are taxpayers financing MPs to make a killing on the inflated London property market? Then swap which is your second home and pay no Capital Gains Tax when you come to sell it.

We need an external independent body scrutinising the affairs of MPs. And not a body packed with their cronies and party donors.

Please sign the petition calling for an end to MPs policing their own expenses.

We need in the Queen’s Speech a reintroduction of the Bill by Zac Goldsmith MP to give the electorate the power to recall Members of Parliament and kick them out of office.

Please sign the petition by Zac Goldsmith calling for a recall of MPs.

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