Corruption in Ukraine

FEMEN highlight corruption in Ukraine

FEMEN highlight corruption in Ukraine

When the corrupt Ukrainian dictator Viktor Yanukovych was deposed by the people (not a fascist military coup as Vladimir Putin lied to the Russian people), events quickly fast forwarded to Russian attack and occupation of Crimea, and now stirring unrest in the east of Ukraine.

But what happened in between?

When the people invaded the Presidential grounds and palace, focus was first on the opulence and wealth. Chandeliers costing £100,000 a piece, when the annual Presidential salary was only £100,000.

But attention quickly focused on documents, many of which had been dumped in a lake, others shredded.

A call went out, and people power can to the rescue, librarians, historians, archivists, then for digital scanners. Divers in wet suits turned up to help retrieve documents from the lake. Even children have been helping to piece back together shredded documents.

All the material rescued is being uploaded to the net.

What was uncovered was a criminal gang at the heart of government, that was systematically looting the country. Not only the President, but an inner circle, including oligarchs.

In houses was found gold, cash, jewellery, weapons.

Documents showed ordering of political assassinations.

The EU has been meddling for years in Ukraine. They knew what was going on, European banks were complicit in the money laundering.

Is this what Vladimir Putin fears, toppling and exposure of the criminal circle looting the country?

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