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ideas that come to us in the middle of the night are always the best

ideas that come to us in the middle of the night are always the best

In a half sleep, he dreams of better worlds,
And dreaming hears thee still.

— Coleridge

Following a dream, six moons in the planning, six moons in the walking, WynnAlice set off from the town that was not too big, not too small, collecting tales, telling tales, writ in the great book, Tales of Our Times, a book of 13 chapters and 13 copies, there being 13 moons in a year.

But how did it all begin?

Invited to Schumacher College to tell a few tales, our narrator tells of how it all began …

Sound quality is unfortunately very poor.

Flip Flop is a new book in the offing. Unfortunately it failed to reach its crowd funding target on sponsume. One third was raised, 40% if count those who paid direct to the author to avoid charges.

Flip Flop will now be published in serial form on leanpub as an e-book. Everyone who pays to download leanpub, will receive Flip Flop chapter by chapter, until they have the complete book through regular updates. This has the advantages for both reader and author, and the author can get feedback and interact with the readers as the books is being written.

This is how all the classics were published. They they were first serialised in magazines, then published as a book.

Once the funds are raised, Flip Flop will be published as a paperback.

Contrast the vision of the future envisaged in Flip Flop with The Country Formerly Known as London.

With 100 advance orders, there is the possibility of Tales of Our Times being published as a paperback.

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