A Trip in the City of Caves

WynnAlice had a dream, walk from village to town, town to village, collecting tales, telling tales. Six moons in the planning, six moons in the walking. The tales collected in a great book, Tales of Our Times, a book of 13 chapters and 13 copies.

Nottingham, a city of caves and lace, and Robin Hood.

Old Jerusalem, the oldest pub in England?

Need help in the garden? Make use of the local time-share scheme or share the garden, share the produce.

If people hoard money, the system breaks down, money has to flow.

Trust is vital in a Gift Economy.

Too large a group, and people do not know each other. If, a group is too large, spin off and form a new group with a wide range of skills.

Networks. The people in the group have the skills to make the group possible, the group brings together those with the skills. Each group can support each other.

Our narrator is working on a new book, Flip Flop, but she needs your help to make it possible.

Based partly on true stories of the many people today who are already living their lives in a way that makes the world a better place to live in, Flip Flop seeks to give us a glimpse of a very different world; a world where debt is unknown, a world where people’s access to land and a home is their birthright, and where each and every child born is wanted, loved, and knows their purpose.

Please sponsor, please spread the word, tweet on twitter, share on facebook, tell all your friends.

If everyone who follows this blog, contributes something, spreads the word, the deadline will be met and the book published.

If every transition group sponsored and shared, if they asked all their supporters to do the same, we would see the crowd funding for Flip Flop many times oversubscribed.

She is rapidly running out of time, with less than two days left to raise the money to make publication possible.

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