Yet more hypocrisy from the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor

To support local businesses and help ensure a thriving local economy … — Rotten Borough of Rushmoor, Arena

The hypocrisy of the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor shows no limits.

The latest hypocrisy can be found in the back pages of the Council comic, Arena (Spring 2014), that is if you have not already done what most people do, bin it without a second glance.

On the back pages you will find Rotten Borough of Rushmoor pretending to show concern for the local economy, pretending to support local businesses.

They are going to feature in each issue a local business (more like the kiss of death).

At this rate, with four issues a year, most local businesses will be long gone.

The proof of the pudding is always in the eating, so let us look at some of the polices in support of local businesses.

Half of Farnborough town centre demolished, wiping out many local businesses.

Not content with trashing the town centre, the four remaining independent businesses are to be destroyed at Firgrove Parade. Councillors could not contain themselves to express their glee at these local businesses being destroyed. With it the only green space at the northern end of the town. Council officials blatantly lied to push it through, councillors like a bunch of mindless sheep rubber-stamped what was put before them.

The Tumbledown Dick to be trashed for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s. What little remains of local heritage to be destroyed. Local people wished to run as local arts and music venue, but were ridiculed by councillors showing their usual contempt for local community. Officials lied to push it through, councillors like a bunch of mindless sheep rubber-stamped what was put before them. One councillor gloated on his bog.

In Aldershot the town centre on the verge of collapse.

The Council has practiced for years a policy of ethnic cleansing of local businesses, leaving two town centres with no character, places to avoid,

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