Dinner at 28



I had intended to dine at a Portuguese restaurant the other side of town, but I had been out all morning, walked along the promenade in the afternoon, it was cold, I was tired, it was therefore 28 just around the corner.

I had had soup at 28 at lunchtime, therefore it was a disappointment to have the same soup in the evening. Not that there was anything wrong with the soup, far from it, broccoli with pasta, very tasty.

For main course, stuffed chicken breast with rice and roast vegetables. It was not what I fancied, but I was pleasantly surprised, it was delicious.

By now I was full I thought though I could squeeze in cheesecake. No cheesecake! I settled for apple pie. Only it was not apple pie. It was an apple tart, with puréed apple mixed with cinnamon.

To finish off, cappuccino. It was different to a couple of nights ago, a lump of cream, plus it was not scalding hot. It did not have the unpleasant bitter taste of previous night.

If you only eat in one restaurant in Cascais, then 28 is a must, you will not be disappointed.

Wandering through the streets, I noticed the local Catholic church was open, even though now late at night. Out of curiosity I popped in, and had a very interesting conversation with the Parish Priest to nearly midnight.

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