Festa de São José

Christina y Paulo

Christina y Paulo

A man without friends, a woman without friends, does not exist. — Paulo Coelho

An annual tradition friends gather together to celebrate St Joseph Day.

What purpose is life without friends?

A St Joseph Day Party, Paulo Coelho and friends at Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho.

Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho is a recently restored 17th century fortress-like complex along the coast from Cascais, which is along the coast from Lisbon.

The Portuguese were adventurers and navigators, what is life without adventure, without taking risks?

The evening started with cocktails, followed by Paulo and Christina welcoming everyone.

Rudolf sent his best wishes, he was sorry he could not be there, but Scorpions were performing in Moscow.

Prayers in many languages, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Urdu, English, starting with Portuguese.

Followed by dinner, many different dishes, far more than anyone could manage to eat. The dishes served were traditional and regional Portuguese dishes.

At dinner everyone was given a present by Paulo, a St Joseph medallion in a black presentation box.

Followed by music and dancing.

Portuguese singer Mariza accompanied by two guitarists, followed by a group, followed by another group.

Music went on to a little after 2am. Those remaining then sat around chatting until some time gone three.

book signing

book signing

Book signing.

The day before, a premier of the film Não Pare Na Pista . I was invited, but did not learn of the invite until the following day.

A special thank you to Paulo and Christina for a wonderful evening, and for yet another introduction to a place worth visiting, this time Cascais.

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  2. maryon pake Says:

    i hope you all had a wonderful day and i wish i could have been there! lol

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