Afternoon in Godalming

River Wey

River Wey

After a cold morning start, a lovely pleasant warm sunny afternoon.

Two trains to Godalming, one to Guildford, then to Godalming.

Prayer card writ, candles lit, for Cristobella and Georgia.

A walk along the River Wey before an excellent lunch at Café Mila.

At Café Mila a photographic exhibition.

A walk along the River Wey and back to Café Mila for afternoon tea.

Catching the No 71 bus at 4-30 it was still pleasantly warm. I thought if I waited another hour, it would be turning cold.

Lots of spring flowers out. Daffodils and primroses by the roadside and in the woods. A lovely patch of daffodils in the churchyard at Godalming. At Witley, the churchyard was carpeted with primroses. Along the banks of the River Wey celandines.

A strange day, some people dressed as though summer, others wrapped in winter coats.

A marked contrast to a month ago, when very cold waiting for the bus.

A marked contrast to a year ago, when winter seemed to last for ever, and certainly lasted into May.

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