Rastro en el Mercado

Rastro en el Mercado

Rastro en el Mercado

A Saturday street market at El Mercado, a little above Hotel Luabay (Hotel Florida).

El Mercado, mainly clothes, a little book shop, cafe, on the ground floor. First floor fruit and vegetables, fish, meat. Top floor the roof.

Next to Harry´s Gourmeteria, the little cafe had closed, it has now opened as a little food shop. The fish shop serving fish grilled on a hot plate, oysters and Serrano Delicatessen also now serving food.

The street market is manly junk, like all street markets.

Today I could barely move, I have never seen so many people, the street outside also busy with people. I thought maybe a dull, cool day, or that I was earlier, but Harry said no, it is now always like this on a Saturday.

There is now a weekly craft market, above the bus old bus station, Monday to Friday. Mainly Blacks selling counterfeit goods.


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