Spiking the grass

hazel catkins

hazel catkins

A lovely spring day today, cold in the shade but pleasantly warm in the sun.

Time to do a little work in the garden.

The weather, wave after wave of storms, has made it impossible to work in the garden. Even in the lulls between the storms, too wet, it is not wise to walk on waterlogged ground.

Spiking is hard work, usually I would undertake this task over several days, today, several days work all in one day.

With the heavy rains, where there was grass, it has vanished, to be replaced by luxuriant moss and patches of muddy ground, but bare of grass.

Spiking was only part of the task in hand. Spiking helps to aerate, and improve the drainage.

An old compost heap opened up, compost spread on the bare patches, following the spiking.

1kg of hard wearing grass seed with rye grass, on the area most walked, luxury grass seed on the lawn less walked.

I thought maybe half an hour. I started late morning, followed the sun around, and finally finished early afternoon.

I had hoped to put in a row of peas and beans, but decided to call it a day.

A long, well deserved soak in the bath.

Then finally, breakfast.

Half an hour after I had finished I was very stiff.

My hands were rough. Wonderful stuff aloe vera.

A bath, breakfast, then check e-mails etc. I got up and could barely move. A short walk as the sun was setting, to try and loosen up.

Now turning very cold.

Note: Hazel catkins in the garden from four weeks ago, though they are still there.


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