Afternoon in Farnham

Farnham River Wey Gostrey Meadow

Farnham River Wey Gostrey Meadow

Farnham Bishop's Meadow

Farnham Bishop’s Meadow

Last night a very bad storm hit, the wind was roaring, doors rattling, objects crashing to the ground.

Today, still very windy, heavy rain on and off.

Farnham was cold, and it got colder.

The River Wey was not as high as last week, but still very high and running fast.

Bishop’s Meadow, now a small lake.

Chatting with a lady with two boys, she said over Christmas, Manor Field was flooded too.

A difference a week makes, shows the difference slowing the flow, retaining water upstream, re-afforesting, re-wilding, would make.

No food in The Barn. I stayed and had a chat for about half an hour, then caught the bus.

Waiting for the bus, even though only about five minutes, very cold.

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