Afternoon in Guildford

Guildford River Wey

Guildford River Wey

A cold, wet, miserable day.

There was a choice, stay home, walk to the station and get soaked, or catch a taxi. I decided to be extravagant, and caught a taxi.

River Wey high and flowing very fast. Not as high as last week when overflowing the banks

I was going to Guildford Institute for lunch, but would have got soaked. Instead Debenhams. Nice piece of roast pork, but ruined by cold vegetables. I left uneaten, went to Guildford Institute for lunch.

Chick pea bake and salad I would normally enjoy at Guildford Institute, but having already had half a lunch, not really hungry. I decided not to have a dessert, too full, but pavlova was enticing. It was light, and very enjoyable.

I tried Kobo Touch on wifi in Guildford Institute. It connected ok, but I tried nothing else.

I ventured out in the street. It had stopped raining, but started again as soon as I ventured out.

A brief conversation with Kobo guy in WHSmith. I told him I was finding the Kobo Touch not very responsive. I tried a couple in the store. They were more responsive.

Cookie and cappuccino in Harris + Hoole. For some unknown reason, upstairs was roped off at five o’clock. No one seemed to know why, as not normally roped off, or at least closed, until six o’clock. It is far too noisy downstairs. I went upstairs where it is quieter.

Train to Aldershot, which I caught with seconds to spare. On arrival at Aldershot more rain, and storm has been growing in strength all evening.

Tonight, very bad storm, even internal doors rattling.

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