Lunch at Café Mila ruined by obnoxious screaming brat

carrot and coriander soup

carrot and coriander soup

tea, cake and Kobo Touch

tea, cake and Kobo Touch

Excellent carrot and coriander soup.

Nothing I fancied on the main course. I settled for toasted cheese and tomato sandwich.

Followed by tea and a cake.

Lunch though was ruined by an obnoxious screaming brat and a clueless mother who did nothing to control the brat.

When they walked in, brat was screaming and shouting at its mother. Mother asked brat if it wanted a cheese sandwich, brat said no, mother orders cheese sandwich.

Brat refuses to sit at the table, refuses to eat cheese sandwich, wanders off, but all the time, screaming at the mother.

Mother is sat with an older women. They both ignore the brat. No attempt is made to deal with the brat, to control or discipline the brat.

When it is time to go, brat throws a tantrum, throws itself on the floor, refusing to leave. Mother has to scrape the brat off the floor and carry out, with the brat screaming the place down.

One of the rare occasions, when a child needs a good whack.

The mother clearly needs help.

I now have a splitting headache.

I had hoped to try, what I had wished to try at The Barn on Saturday. Add an e-book to Kobo Library, then using wifi, download e-book to Kobo Touch. But last night, could not find anything to add. I had wanted to add The Warden, and Barchester Towers, but ended up downloading from Project Gutenberg. I download Through the Looking Glass.

I am still finding the Kobo Touch unresponsive, whether that is me or the Kobo Touch I do not know, as no point of reference. Flipping pages is reasonable, the problem is selection.

No 2 Top Story on Tea Time (Wednesday 12 February).

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