Afternoon in Godalming

River Wey

River Wey

Church Street

Church Street

Today, was the reverse of most days of late, instead of storms and heavy rain overnight, a sunny morning, followed by late afternoon more rain, today it was chucking it down all morning, late morning it stopped raining, and finally the sun came out.

The River Blackwater at North Camp Station, was much lower today compared with Friday. It only goes to show, what difference a lull of a couple of days can make, and shows what benefits would be reaped if we retained water upstream and slowed the flow rate.

Fields waterlogged, if not large lakes.

Fields with waterlogged corners and eddges, farmers should dig ponds. This would enhance biodiversity and help capture some of the water.

In Godalming, the River Wey runing high and fast, but has not overflowed into the water meadows.

I picked up my copies of The Alchemist, special 25th anniversary edition from Waterstone’s.

Lunch at Café Mila ruined by an obnoxious screaming brat, whose mother did nothing to control. I was left with a splitting headache.

I had wished to try, what I had wished to try in The Barn, add a book to Kobo Library, then download via wifi. Unfortunately I had not added a book last night. I found in the Kobo Store Through the Looking Glass and downloaded.

I am still finding the Kobo Touch unresponsive, whether that is me or the Kobo Touch I do not know, as no point of reference. Flipping pages is reasonable, the problem is selection.

No 71 bus not too late.

Something seriously wrong with No 1 bus service at Aldershot. Bus leaves five minutes early, then as my bus pulls out, I see three others sat in the bus station, one of these pulls out, we have a convoy.

Outside back entrance of M&S, passengers complain, where were the previous three buses. At North Camp, passengers complain they have been waiting 45 minutes for a bus. This is a bus service that is supposed to be running during the day, at least every ten minutes.

Now very cold.

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