Afternoon in Farnham

Farnham River Wey Gostrey Meadow

Farnham River Wey Gostrey Meadow

Farnham Bishop's Meadow flooded

Farnham Bishop’s Meadow flooded

Friday night, heavy torrential rain, strong winds, as it has been most nights this last week. This morning sunny, then heavy rain mid-morning, sunny, then heavy rain lunchtime, then sun came out. But very strong wind blowing, as I learnt when I ventured outside, with storm clouds threatening more rain.

Friday, the River Wey had overflowed its banks at Guildford, temporary flood barriers in place, with a strong risk of the town centre flooding, as it did over Christmas.

What then of the River Wey in Farnham? Last Saturday, very high after torrential rain Friday night.

No surprise, the River Wey was very high flowing through Gostrey Meadow, higher than last week.

Bishop’s Meadow was flooded.

The Oxfam Bookshop had Revolver, an album from The Beatles, in very poor condition, around £100. A single well over £100. You got to be joking! My albums must be worth a fortune, mint condition, and only played on very expensive record decks. And they had a signed book by Jeffrey Archer, £100. You got to be joking!

dolls house

dolls house

In the Phyllis Tuckwell charity shop, a wonderful dolls house. They alwasy have good stock, and the shop is always very busy.

Excellent late lunch in The Barn. I was the only one there. Apparently quiet all afternoon. By early evening, it became quite busy.

An interesting conversation with a singer-songwriter called Heather, who kindly gave me her previous album, Kutara, her latest, Elakoyah, of which she had only one copy, she will also give to me at a later date. She is playing in Café Mila, one evening, early March.

I tried Kobo Touch on the wifi. My idea, had been to download Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which I thought, last night, I had added to the Kobo Library. But not there, or I am doing, or have done, something wrong? I had to find it in the Kobo Store. Download was so fast, I thought nothing had happened. But, yes, the book had downloaded. I found the Kobo Touch not very responsive, but that may be me being inept with my fingers.

I have suggested, book storyteller Steph Bradley for June.

I take my leave of The Barn. Luckily bus on time, and my next bus, only a few minutes wait.

Saturday night, yet another storm hits.

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2 Responses to “Afternoon in Farnham”

  1. peterbarnett7 Says:

    Some of the people pricing stuff in charity shops are clueless. Beatles albums are worth little unless in mint condition and first print runs – simply because they sold in huge quantities and are therefore plentiful.
    You couldn’t pay me to own Jeffrey Archer book, especially if it was signed.

  2. keithpp Says:

    I could not agree more Peter. What we are seeing is corporate greed!

    And yes, would not pay me to own a Jeffrey Archer book either.

    You’ll love this one, signed copies of 50 Shades of Crap!

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