Guildford farmers market

 River Wey

River Wey

cake stall Tunsgate

cake stall Tunsgate

A very cold day. It had rained in the night luckily it held off during the day. Not a day to be a stall holder. I was told it was raining when they set up their stalls, one said hailstones.

The River Wey was high, but not as high as I expected, considering how high it had been in Farnham on Saturday, but that was three days ago, and the peak had probably already passed through. If nothing else, highlights the need to slow the peak flow rate, to prevent downstream flooding, to retain water upstream.

Winter months are not the best for a farmers market, either for those passing by or the stallholders.

A loaf of wholemeal bread off Celtic baker, plus a blueberry flapjack. Off another stall, a pasty, like a Cornish pasty, only much better. And that was it. A slice of cheesecake off the stall in Tunsgate, but I think that is now there everyday, not restricted to first Tuesday of the month.

I stuck my head in St Mary’s Church (Lewis Carroll church). There was a concert, maybe now a regular event when farmers markets are held. There was one when I last attended a farmers market in December. Then, very talented musicians playing, well worth recording. Not today. I was asked did I wish to stay? Er, no thanks. Again no one has the intelligence to turn off the heaters, the noise very annoying if a concert worth staying for.

Excellent lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage.

Last Tuesday, I ordered books from Waterstone’s in Godalming. A call yesterday, my book was awaiting collection. Confused, I had ordered more than one, but it could be because copies of the same book. Waterstone’s Guildford checked, and yes, is as my order, books not a book. Did they have Sacred Economics? No.

Cappuccino and cookie at Harris + Hoole.

It was too cold to hang around half an hour waiting for the next train. As the bus station nearby, I decided to catch No 20 bus instead. I did this a couple of weeks ago, and vowed never again, the journey was so bad. It was not so bad this time, but still not good. I much prefer the train.

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