Lunch at Café Mila

tempting spread of delicious cakes

tempting spread of delicious cakes

Having had to detour to Guildford to pick up a couple of books, waited in the cold for a bus to Godalming, then on arrival in Godalming, raining, I arrived early afternoon, my cold returned, and not really feeling like anything, hence, did not enjoy my lunch at Café Mila.

Starter Tuscan bean soup, followed by falafel, pita bread and salad, followed by carrot cake and a cup of tea.

I was interested to learn, people bring their surplus produce from gardens and allotments, and barter for a cup of coffee. I think a great idea.

A few suggestions:

The strong opposition to converting Wey Inn to a Tesco, shows there is a strong sense of local community to tap into. Contact the little corner shop next to the Wey Inn.

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