Caffe Piccolo

Caffe Piccolo - stuffed mushroom

Caffe Piccolo – stuffed mushroom

Caffe Piccolo - steak and chips

Caffe Piccolo – steak and chips

The intention had been to eat at The Barn, myself and two sisters, but when we got there, we found it was booked for a private party. We retraced our steps to Caffe Piccolo, an Italian restaurant that we had passed earlier.

Had we booked a table. No. As though doing us a favour, we were led upstairs, where there was plenty of empty tables.

A lovely old building. Would the food match?

Yes, the food was good.

We had stuffed mushroom as starters, followed by steak and an Italian dish.

The steak was accompanied in a separate bowl by chips. The steak was good, the chips less so. The steak was covered in a hot spicy sauce. But no vegetables.

The service was very poor. Problems understanding us when we ordered, I had problems understanding the waitress. When we were ready to leave, we must have had to ask for the bill about five times before the bill arrived.

Above and behind our table was a speaker. Music loud, restaurant noisy, making conversation difficult. Why the music? If I wanted music, I would go somewhere for quality live music. Nothing worse than awful background musak.

Lunchtime, prices reasonable, night time, pricey.

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