Afternoon in Guildford

Guildford River Wey

Guildford River Wey

A cold, damp, unpleasant afternoon in Guildford.

Since last week, the River Wey has fallen a couple of feet, but still higher than its usual level and although not flowing as fast as last week, still flowing fast. More rain forecast.

WHSmith last week, had Manuscript Found in Accra as Offer of the Week, ie half price. Nothing in store to say still on offer, and yet it is. It is also on offer as Buy One, Get one Free, and the two offers are running simultaneously, ie buy one get half price, buy two and get second at half the half price. It is easy to see why WHSmith is a failing High Street chain.

Waterstone’s is rumoured to have Manuscript Found in Accra at Buy One, Get One Half Price, but if true, nothing in store to say so, or in the window, and poor offer compared with that in WHSmith across the road. Four display tables with Buy One, Get One Half Price. Manuscript Found in Accra not on any of these tables.

Excellent lunch at Guildford Institute, though I only had the main course, I did not fancy the desserts.

Art on display, a poor attempt at copying Andy Warhol. Not worth the effort of a visit.

The library, which has been gutted following the bastardisation of the building, had been embargoed on book buying, as so much money had been wasted on bastardising the building. They now have a budget of £25! This will buy a couple of hardbacks, if you are lucky.

Cappuccino and cookie in Harris + Hoole. It is a pity upstairs, which is the quiet area, does not have the radio turned off, as it is an irritation. A group of yobs arrived, shouting their mouths off, people looked at them in disgust, got up and walked out

Now raining.

I arrived home, to catch a live webcast of Paulo Coelho chatting with readers.


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