WHSmith a failing bookshop chain

Manuscript Found in Accra WHSmith Offer of the Week

Manuscript Found in Accra WHSmith Offer of the Week

Manuscript Found in Accra WHSmith buy one get one half price

Manuscript Found in Accra WHSmith buy one get one half price

I had been tipped off that Manuscript Found in Accra would be on special offer in WHSmith when released as a paperback.

It came out as a paperback on 2 January 2014. I have since that date, been popping into WHSmith.

Last Friday I looked in WHSmith Guildford. Nothing by special offers, nothing on the shelves where Paulo Coelho books were located. It was only on leaving the store my eye was caught by Manuscript Found in Accra Offer of the Week, at half price.

Prior to purchasing, I asked, any other offers on books? I was told no.

I bought two copies at half price each. A further £2 was knocked off as Special Promotion, with no explanation.

Last Saturday I looked in WHSmith Farnham. Manuscript Found in Accra on offer at buy one get one half price. No mention on offer where shelved with other Paul Coelho books. At WHSmith Guildford the previous day I had been told the Offer of the Week buy at half price ran until Wednesday, their offers always started on Thursday and ran through to the following Wednesday. I queried why the difference? I learnt, Manuscript Found in Accra was on offer at half price, buy two and you got the second at half of half price.

On Monday I looked in WHSmith Aldershot. Buy one, get one half price, no mention of the Offer of the Week half price. I was told I had to pay for a bag, which I declined. I asked why, was told it was policy. I was not charged at Guildford or Farnham for a bag, have never been charged, the one exception, Gatwick Airport a couple of years ago. The person serving, blatantly lied and told me they charge in Guildford and Farnham.

On Tuesday I looked in WHSmith Godalming. Buy one, get one half price, no mention of the Offer of the Week half price. A grand total of three copies of Manuscript Found in Accra. And no, I was not charged for a bag. In WHSmith Guildford I had been told no special offers. WHSmith Godalming, I was handed a till voucher for £5 off if I spent £25 on books.

WHSmith Lincoln on Tuesday the staff knew nothing of the offers on Manuscript Found in Accra. They had a grand total of five copies.

It seems to be a prerequisite to work at WHSmith to be as thick as two short planks and know nothing about books, let alone know that international best sellers are on special offer.

Paulo Coelho is an international best selling author. The Alchemist last Sunday marked two hundred and eighty-six weeks in New York Times best-seller list. Not bad for a book first published twenty six years ago. To date, Paulo Coelho has sold 170 million books.

An international best seller, from an international best selling author, just released in paperback, on special offer, but no window display in any of the WHSmith stores I visited, the staff clueless on special offers.

I had the same experience last spring when Manuscript Found in Accra came out as hardback.

From the offers always running, often offering very deep discounts, WHSmith appears to be in permanent cash flow crisis.

To describe WHSmith as a bookshop chain is to stretch incredulity to breaking point. A more apt description would be a chain that sells books.

The only question left of WHSmith, is when will it join the ranks of failed retail chains?

Anyone who wishes to take advantage of this WHSmith offer on Manuscript Found in Accra has until the stores close this evening. Assuming of course the offer does not continue into the following week.

Manuscript Found in Accra, set in Jerusalem on the eve of the attack by the Crusaders, is the latest from Paulo Coelho.

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2 Responses to “WHSmith a failing bookshop chain”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Note: WHSmith offer has been extended for a further week. Nothing in store, no information displayed on offer. Manuscript Found in Accra half price, buy two and get second book at half the half price.

    WHSmith Aldershot, one copy of Manuscript Found in Accra in store.

  2. keithpp Says:

    WHSmith Aldershot. I had to search to find a copy. The store had one copy.

    Nothing in store to say on offer. Nothing on the book, no sticker.

    I asked the manager. He checked (he did not know), and yes still on offer, both half price and buy one and get one free.

    He said the buy one get one free applies, because it is a health book!

    I am at a loss how these crap chains stay in business.

    A best seller, on special offer, no promotion and no stocks in store.

    You could not make it up if you tried.

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