Slo by singer/songwriter Rebecca Maze.

Beautiful song, phenomenal voice.

Wonderful filming and sound recording.

Why is not all music recorded to this high standard?

I have two albums by Agnetha, the blonde one in Abba, a talented musician in her own right. I bought the two albums, My Colouring Book and A, on the basis of a documentary of her life. The production is appalling.

Slo is from an album Rebecca Maze released last year. A pity not on bandcamp.

Serendipity: I came across Rebecca Maze through her involvement in being asked to write the sound track of a documentary Transition 2.0. She has washed up at a house looking for a room. And Transition 2.0, I came across through Steph Bradley and her storytelling and Tales of Our Times.

From Transition 2.0:

Rebecca Mayes walked into my life a couple of years ago – quite literally she arrived at my house in short skirt and wellies, on foot, answering an ad for someone to rent space in our house as part of our creative media hub – then slowly and naturally my life changed as a result.

She had the most unusual contract to make songs with music videos that reviewed video games. It’s hard to understand what this really means until you see one for yourself.

She managed to get a huge gaming fan base even though she hates video games! Because of her deeply powerful feminine perspective she’s been able to comment on society’s issues with love and affection at the same time as showing what’s wrong with it.

For that reason I’ve chosen Rebecca to compose music for this film.

She’s not only a local Totnes musical talent, but she’s a feminine force that can turn her hand to any musical challenge with integrity and conviction. She taps into a greater source to bring music into the world and her then polishes it until shines with her own unique reflection.

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