Afternoon in Guildford

Guildford River Wey

Guildford River Wey

Heavy downpours during the night. Forecast rain all day, but forecast showers, so I thought maybe possible in the breaks between the showers.

Train journey to Guildford, flooded woods, large pools of water in fields, but not the far as the eye can see floods, as seen in Gloucestershire and parts of Oxfordshire.

Not possible to walk along the River Wey, footpath blocked off, whether due to work being carried out on a bridge or not safe, I do not know.

River Wey flowing very fast, and very high, within a few inches of overflowing its banks. The river though has already overflowed and flooded the bottom end of the town, as many shops closed due to flood damage.

Roast pork for lunch in Debenhams, overlooking the River Wey. The roast pork good, the vegetables less so.

I thought, dessert at Guildford Institute, but never made it.

Appalled to see Oxfam shop in Quarry Street stripping their shelves of books, to throw away (they call it recycling). On the shelves a month, then throw away. They do not even cycle around their two other shops in Guildford. I suggested, they put in a box, 50p, or with better weather, an old bookcase outside the shop, help yourself, leave a donation.

It is tragic that Oxfam are throwing out books people have troubled to donate.

Never donate books to Oxfam.

I suggested to the lady manning the counter, display the music being played, someone may like and buy. No one had thought of this!

Manuscript Found in Accra, now in paperback, Offer of the Week, in WHSmith, half price. Offer ends Wednesday.

Wonders will never cease, Paulo Coelho on display in Waterstone’s.

Cappuccino and cookie in Harris + Hoole.

It was touch and go if I would make the train to Aldershot, and it had started to rain. As I was passing the Bus Station, I decided to take the No 20 bus to Aldershot.

Why are these buses so bad? It is like travelling on a bus in the Third World. I could not easily see out of the bus, the windows all steamed up. Roads flooded, driver ploughed through sending up a bow wave as high as the windows. The fields were flooded.

Probably fortunate I did not take the train as the line was flooded. Though I cannot think where, as between Ash and Aldershot, the line higher than the surrounding countryside.

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