BookStop Cafe

Norman House

Norman House

Bookstop Cafe located in the undercroft of Norman House

Bookstop Cafe located in the undercroft of Norman House

BookStop Cafe is conveniently located halfway up Steep Hill, ideal location, for a tea, a rest, then carry on up the hill to Castle Hill, Lincoln Castle, Lincoln Cathedral and Bailgate.

I looked in last week, or was it the week before, and found a very charming and helpful girl. I asked was it her business, she said no, she helped to run it.

I asked how long had it been there? I think she said since last May.

BookStop Cafe is literally located in the undercroft of a Norman House, and I was surprised how far it extends back. The ground floor is occupied by Imperial Teas, and it is their teas BookStop Cafe serve. Also served in Pimieno Tea Rooms, which are also worth a visit.

A bookshop cum cafe, clearly a labour of love.

The books are a mix of second hand, local authors and independent authors. They have authors talking about their books, book signing, and occasional live music.

I said time permitting, I would pop back. Today, I finally found the time to pop back.

Today I was in luck and found the owner.

I suggested invite Steve Lawson and Karl Svarc to play. I suggested a couple of writers who may be interested, including Steph Bradley for story telling. I also suggested act as a distribution hub for Transition Free Press. Room permitting, I also suggest act as a BookCrossing zone. Indeed, I would go so far as to suggest, any author on sale or who gives a talk, they donate at least one book for BookCrossing.

Looking out from BookStop Cafe a marvellous view, down Steep Hill, across the valley, to South Common.

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