Morning in Lincoln

 Moonraker floating tearoom

Moonraker floating tearoom

In Lincoln a little after 9-15am. Very cold.

Much appreciated cappuccino and cookie in Stokes on High Bridge, if for no other reason than to get out of the cold.

A wander down Sincil Street.

Popped in Revival. Suggested they be a distributor for Transition Free Press.

A marvellous little shop next door, with carved wood.

Both these shops, and a few more on short term leases, are to make way for an unwanted shopping centre.

Totnes shows what could be for Sincil Street, could be if the City Council had vision.

Totnes also shows what could be if Lincoln introduced a local currency, the Bailgate Pound.

I luckily found Karl Svarc. I suggested check out what Steve Lawson has recently written on bandcamp.

Crossing the pedestrian bridge over the River Witham, the sign for Burger King is an obscene eyesore. It is visible half way down Sincil Street.

As you pass over the bridge, a tea shop in a narrow boat moored by the bank.

Looked in Stokes at The Collection. I suggested they book Karl Svarc and Steve Lawson for a gig, and they act as a distribution hub for Transition Free Press. And invite Steph Bradley for story telling.

In the Usher Art Gallery an exhibition entitled Modern Masters in Print, Dali, Picasso, Matisse, and Andy Warhol. I have to admit, a grave disappointment, not their best works on show.

Back way, a lovely cobbled street up to Readers Rest on Steep Hill, then up to Bookstop Cafe.

BookStop Cafe is in an ideal location, half way up the hill, just the place for a rest and a cup of tea, bookshop cum coffee shop.

Whilst out and about I suggested three locations act as distributors for Transition Free Press, each for a different reason:

  • Revival — would fit in with their ethos
  • Stokes at The Collection — visitors and locals, spreads the word
  • BookStop Cafe — art, writers, music, local, mutual support, grass roots

Back down the hill, lunch at the County Restaurant. Excellent mushroom soup, followed by chicken and ham and mushroom pie.

Early afternoon, Washingborough, long walk, up Church Hill, up past Washingborough Hall, over the top, and along to the end of Cliff Lane. Very cold, biting cold wind, probably with adding in wind chill, sub-zero.

One Response to “Morning in Lincoln”

  1. Dave Says:

    Brilliant Blog only just found it today,Makes up for the Cathedral/Castle Hill web cam being out of action since 7th Jan,

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