Lincolnshire sausages and vegetables from Cook

Cook vegetables

Cook vegetables

Lincolnshire sausages

Lincolnshire sausages

Lincolnshire sausages and vegetables

Lincolnshire sausages and vegetables

Last week, on New Year Day, delayed Christmas lunch from Cook. The chicken was disgusting (the leftovers thrown away the next day) the vegetables cold.

For the vegetables, it was obvious the cooking instructions were wrong.

As half the vegetables were left, decided to thaw the previous day in the fridge, then leave out to continue to thaw, for a couple of hours, before putting in a hot oven for ten minutes (half the recommended time from frozen).

It worked, the vegetables were hot, and far tastier than the previous week.

The sausages were from Heighington. Not obvious the village has a butcher, let alone a quality butcher, as hidden in a Spa shop. Not somewhere one would think to look for quality food.

The sausages were excellent. They must qualify as some of the best sausages in the country.

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