Morning in Lincoln

Stokes on High Bridge

Stokes on High Bridge

I arrived in Lincoln not long before 9-30am, later than I wished, as I did not wish to miss coffee roasting at Stokes.

Waling along the footpath, along St Mary Street between Lincoln Station and the High Street, it is an appalling state of repair, paving slabs at uneven angles.

If I thought St Mary Street was bad, nothing like the High Street. Missing paving slabs, a drop of nearly an inch to drains, where slabs missing, what looks like dollops of tarmac, no attempt to level, bricks uneven. Not helped by a constant stream of vans and lorries in what is a pedestrianised street.

There is no excuse for these delivery lorries. They should be forced to do, as happens in Istanbul. Lorries park on the edge of pedestrian area, and the deliveries are made by barrow.

Anyone who trips, should sue the City Council, if need be, engage a lawyer on no win no fee. Maybe then the City Council will begin to address the problem.

Few people in Stokes on High Bridge, where I stopped for a coffee. Come ten o’clock, they will be busy until four o’clock.

Too late at Stokes, they had finished roasting, but they said, come back in an hour, they would be roasting.

What to do with an hour?

I went off in search of Karl Svarc. Luckily, not only did I find him, he gave me a signed copy of Seeds of Our Dreams. Not yet had time to lsiten, but wonderful cover art. I suggested to Karl he played Stokes at The Collection, and BookStop Cafe.

Revival, a lovely indie coffee shop, was closed over Christmas. I stuck my head in, to advise them tea pigs was not quality tea, was not a small indie tea company, was in reality Tetley Tea, owned by Tata, a huge Indian conglomerate. They were appalled, as like a lot of people, they had been conned. I suggested they check out genuine indie tea companies.

But why tea bags, when you can buy quality loose leaf tea?

And why buy teapigs when there are genuine independent quality tea suppliers: Bellevue Tea, Lahloo Tea, Pukka Teas, tea’s me.

And of course locally, although we tend to think coffee, Stokes also blend their own teas.

It is not only tea pigs, with more and more people avoiding global brands, these brands in turn, are hiding behind other companies, pretending to be what they are not.

I stuck my head in Stokes at The Collection. I wanted to see what the special was for lunch, nothing I fancied. As they often have live music, I suggested they book Karl Svarc and dropped off one of his leaflets.

Passing Olibers, they were closed. Twice now I have found closed. I cannot see how they survive, when often closed, and no sign to say when open. I would have had lunch, if open. They do an excellent grilled gammon.

I made Stokes in time for coffee roasting. I knew they had already started, as I could smell the coffee roasting as I approached the building.

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