Afternoon in Lincoln

Café 44

Café 44

Stokes on High Bridge

Stokes on High Bridge

I would have gone into Lincoln this morning, but a storm, heavy rain, strong winds. This afternoon was a brief pause, until the next storm hits. Very cold, with a strong wind blowing and steadily got colder as the temperature dropped.

I looked in the Central Market. I had hoped to find Karl Svarc. My main reason for going into Lincoln. I was in luck, I found him, only he had forgotten the album he was bring in for me. He kindly let me have a copy. I again suggested a sign to let people know his albums are available. How can people buy, if they do not know? And again suggested he must upload his albums to bandcamp. He said others have made the same recommendation. His website is being revamped. It makes sense, upload his music to bandcamp, then embed the albums on his revamped website.

Last time we talked, he told me he had all of the Paulo Coelho books, but was not aware of Manuscript Found in Accra. I let him know that as of tomorrow, it is out in paperback.

I also suggested he check out Daniel Berkman, who last year toured in the US with Steve Lawson.

Master kora-maker Alieu Suso of the Gambia

the late Master kora-maker Alieu Suso of the Gambia with the kora he made for Daniel Berkman

A kora is a multi-stringed traditional West African instrument, somewhere between a harp and a lute.

I was pleased to learn The Lawn has not been sold, as the City Council could not find a buyer. But it should never have been for sale, it belongs to the local community, not the local council, it is not theirs to sell. There are moves afoot to register the Lawn as an Asset of Community Value under the Localism Act. Once registered, the local community has first refusal to buy, and six months within which to raise the money. The Lawn meets the criteria, but can the local council, that has engaged in wilful neglect to allow the building to fall into rack and ruin, be trusted?

I was pleased to find Café 44 had not closed down as I thought last week, when I found it boarded up. talking to the owner, he said they had closed for Christmas. I had a quick look at the art on display in the back room, but no time to stop for a coffee.

Sincil Street, all that now remains of the historic core of the town centre, is under threat of redevelopment for yet another tacky shopping centre. Yet another example of the City Council out of touch with reality.

After all the rain, I was surprised to find the River Witham not high and fast flowing.

I was lucky to find a table free at Stokes on High Bridge. I had a cappuccino and a cookie.

Lincoln is fortunate in that it has a strong indie coffee shop culture and has not been blighted by Starbucks and Costa, as have too many town, but I learnt from one of the girls in Stokes, that slowly slowly, Costa is adding more coffee shops.

The town centre very busy, far busier than last week on Christmas Eve, even when I left a little after 4pm, by now very very cold.

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