Morning of Christmas Eve in Lincoln

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral from The Strait

The weather was so bad the day and night before, bad storm, heavy rain, strong winds, that I had decided not to go into Lincoln, but then checking the weather forecast, I saw there was going to be a break, cold, windy, but not raining, until the evening.

Surprising, little traffic going into Lincoln, the roads almost deserted. Maybe everyone else had the same thought, bad weather, plus Christmas Eve, the town will be packed, best avoided.

I arrived a little before 10am, the High Street not too busy. I knew to head straight for Stokes on High Bridge for a coffee. Get in before 10am, not busy, from 10am until 4pm, it is packed.

Sad to find none of the staff I knew are there. Depressing a tacky pie shop has opened next door, which lowers the tone.

Occasional lunchtime live music at Stokes at The Collection.

Looked in the Central Market. The little wholefood stall has music by Karl Svarc, not that you would know this as not on display. You have to know, know to ask. I was in luck, Karl Svarc himself dropped by. We had a long chat. I said a must, upload his albums on bandcamp, can then embed on his website, not re-invent an inferior wheel, and not a rip-off like iTunes, Amazon or Spotify. I also suggested he check out Steve Lawson and Imogen Heap, apart from being great musicians, they are also innovative in their use of internet. Steve Lawson recorded a tour last year, to be released as a multi-album set FingerPainting. Imogen Heap is releasing Sparks as a special limited edition deluxe set.

Serendipity plays a big part in what we find, be it books or music. It was through serendipity that I came across Karl Svarc, music on a wholefood stall. Far from killing the music industry, technology has provided opportunities.

Karl did not have his latest album. He offered to drop in the post. I said not to worry, I would pick up next week.

I was shocked to find Café 44 closed down. At least looked closed down, as all boarded up.

Revival, lovely coffee bar cum arts centre at the end of Sincil Street not open.

It is tragic much of Sincil Street is earmarked for redevelopment, destroying Victorian buildings and local businesses, but that is what happens when corrupt local councils get into bed with greedy developers.

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