Portland Road Squirrel

Portland Squirrel

Portland Road Squirrel

Portland Road Squirrel in Seven Sisters by Boe-art, who paint giant urban birds and animals (raven, pigeon, magpie and fox) on the walls of North London.

I have squirrels in my garden, grey not red, they eat the hazel nuts before I get to them.

In Stockholm in the 1980s, I was delighted to find a red squirrel in the centre of Stockholm.

But then the streets were clean, no rush hour, no traffic congestion, public transport was cheap, metro trains ran frequently, cycle lanes everywhere.

Out in the countryside, cycle lanes meandered away from the main highway, taking more interesting routes across fields, through woods. Wild flowers everywhere.

In Upsala, on the edge of a housing estate, from which cars could not enter, picnic tables, trails leading off into the woods.

200 years ago, when Samuel Palmer lived in The Old Kent Road, it was rural. Creeping industrialisation, he left London for Kent.


3 Responses to “Portland Road Squirrel”

  1. Jenny Woolf Says:

    Interesting bit of graffiti, someone’s going around London creating images like this. I’m extremely concerned at the apparent political will to build over the green belt to avoid being too tough on land hoarding developers.

  2. keithpp Says:

    In Brighton, in North Laine, a lot of impressive street art and murals.

    Unfortunately, we have corrupt planning departments in the pocket of developers and Big Business, and councillors who rubber-stamp what is put before them, sticking two fingers up to their local community.

    Recent examples:

    Tragedy for The Tumbledown Dick
    Council rubber-stamps Luton Airport expansion

  3. kevinrcarter Says:

    That is actually brilliant. Looks real!

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