Lunch at Café Mila

counter laden with scrumptious food

counter laden with scrumptious food

chicken pie

chicken pie

coconut slice

coconut slice

I went on a fruitless search for Feral, and as a result arrived at Café Mila later than intended.

I arrived to find packed, and no soup left.

I settle on chicken pie. It was delicious. It comes with a little greenery, but really need something more substantial to accompany the pie, something like the salads that accompany the main dish as served at the Guildford Institute on a Friday.

I do not as a rule eat meat pies. Think horsemeat scandal, and you get the gist. But if you have a trusted source, with a reputation to lose, then a pie, as I found in Café Mila, can be very tasty.

If not already published, please publish the recipe.

A wide choice of sweets. I settled on a delicious coconut slice, washed down with a cup of tea.

I made two suggestions:

  • act as a distribution hub for Transition Free Press
  • add Dark Mountain to books to read

Transition Free Press, published quarterly, has news from around the world, art, culture, music, renewable energy, local food production, local currencies, but principally how local economies work. A pound spent in the local economy, has 2-3 times the value if spent within a local business like Café Mila, than it does if spent in Costa, so not are you boosting the local economy, you also get decent coffee.

The need for this information to diffuse locally, is best illustrated by Staycation Live. An excellent local event, good music, good location. Last year excellent food too, this year not. And why? Because a bean counter in the local town council can see no further than the end of his nose. He decided (and who is he to decide?) the event should be run on a more commercial footing. The rents for a pitch were jacked up, beyond the reach of what local suppliers thought reasonable or affordable, in come the shiny, chromium, tacky junk food vendors. Bad for health, bad for the local economy.

Transition Free Press is distributed by local indie coffee shops like Café Mila. It gives them an additional income stream, those dropping in to pick up a copy, are at the very least going to have a coffee or a tea.

Cafe Mila has books. BookCrossing books that people drop off or pick up, plus lovely books to browse. Dark Mountain, an anthology of essays, prose, poetry and art, is in the latter category, books to browse.

Interesting art on display, and Jane kindly gave me a guided tour. All local artists.

I was pleased to see NeverSeconds was on display. A must read.

On Thursday, Cafe Mila has a Christmas dinner with a difference, the dishes are drawn from around the world. Booking essential!

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