Winter afternoon in Guildford

Guildford town hall flag half mast Nelson Mandela RIP

Guildford town hall flag half mast Nelson Mandela RIP

Amazing the difference a day makes, or a few days.

Tuesday was a dull, damp, cold, miserable day. Thursday very strong wind blowing. Today, blue sky, but cold.

Guildford is becoming like Brighton, live music on the street, sometimes good, other times rubbish. Today was a good day.

At the bottom of the street, Red Jackson, rhythm and blues trio. They had an album for sale. At a tenner, people will think twice, at a fiver, people will take a chance.

Sadly not on bandcamp.

I was reading a comment last night, not many people go to bandcamp to listen. That is simply because they do not know bandcamp exists. It is the place to go and listen, because it is possible to listen to entire albums in reasonable quality mp3 128, and download in much higher quality, plus can easily share. And unlike spotify, it does not rip off big time. Too few musicians are using bandcamp, but then they do not know of it either.

Had Red Jackson been on bandcamp, I could embed their music for people to hear how good they are, assuming of course their album is as good as they are live.

At the top of the High Street, Faldie, amazing Spanish acoustic guitar. Faldie is from Malaga.

Lunch at the Guildford Institute, as always excellent on a Friday.

It is depressing the damage that has been done internally to the building. Philistines with no appreciation or empathy towards an historic building.

An art exhibition Dancing Flowers. Fine if you like like shopping at Laura Ashley, otherwise, do not bother.

A few weeks back, one of the art galleries at the top of the High Street (there are two) had a breathtaking display of modern impressionist paintings by Sherree Valentine Daines. They also had a fantastic book of her paintings, but with a hefty price tag of £65. Sadly the exhibition is no longer there. But even had I returned the following week, I would have been too late, as I learnt they change their paintings every week.

They directed me upstairs, where they still had a couple of her paintings on display.

But what they did have, was breathtaking collection of London street scenes by Henderson Cisz. Also couple of Venice, but these were eclipsed by his paintings of London.

But no photography allowed.

Nearby art gallery, more works by Ronnie Wood on display, an exhibition entitled Raw Instinct. Photography allowed!

In Guildford House, a craft fair. I tend to avoid crafts fairs, expensive tat. Yes, I appreciate the work, but it is the end result that matters. Is it art, is it functional? Someone can have an amazing guitar technique, but if the sound that comes out is not good, who cares?

The craft exhibition is worth a visit for the amazing kaleidoscopes. Precision optical instruments, and at the same time, works of art.

Humanity is like lemmings heading over the cliff. It is an act of crass stupidity to heat the outside air. Almost as crass, to have a coffee bar with the doors wide open on a freezing cold day.

I walked through The Angel Hotel Yard. A little busier at Coffee Culture than on Tuesday, a handful of people sat outside, but did I really wish to walk through smokers to gain access? Er, no. When are people going to learn, nothing more off putting than having to walk past people in a doorway with smoke in your face? Had I gained access, it would have only been to sit and freeze with the doors wide open. Coffee Culture pride themselves on locally sourced food, then negate any positive vibes they may have accrued, by polluting the air and heating the outside air.

I stuck my head in Harris + Hoole. As always, busy, and with the doors closed, pleasantly warm.

People quite rightly complain about high fuel bills, but when there are exercises on crass stupidity of heating outside air, or leaving doors open on a cold day, one has to question is fuel priced too cheap?

I have seen a recent study, of the amount of energy we waste, with shops with heaters blasting away in the doorway, with the door wide open, but cannot remember the figures.

Best solution, is double entry doors, an airlock, so do not get a blast of cold air, every time some one enters or leaves the building, or as I used to see in big old hotels, a rotating set of doors.

But sadly there is no accounting for human stupidity.

No one heard of climate change?

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