Mimosa in Aldershot

Mimosa Westgate Aldershot

Mimosa Westgate Aldershot

Mimosa is one of the chain eateries in the ghastly Westgate (or Wastegate as local retailers call it for the damage it is doing to the town centre) in Aldershot.

It was lunchtime and yet the place was almost empty. Had it not been for a group at one table and a couple at another table, the place would have been deserted.

An empty restaurant at what should be a busy time of day, especially as the price goes up after three o’clock, is never a good sign.

I chose lunchtime, as I thought would be busy, and at least the food fresh, not sitting there for hours.

Thursday lunchtime is the one day Aldershot is busy, as it is market day, although busy should be seen as a relative term, busy compared with other days when Aldershot is dead.

Mimosa is a buffet, help yourself and eat as much as you like.

The food is allegedly Asian, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Thai, in other words, all of everything, all of nothing.

I took one look at the food, it looked so unappetising, I turned on my heals and walked out.

The comment of someone who appeared to be in charge either the owner or manager was: Either eat the food or fuck off!

I thought maybe grab something to eat in Morrisons, mid to late afternoon their cafe is usually almost empty. To my surprise, it was very busy.

I changed my mind, grab something in the town, take a look at the market, and head off back home and eat when I got home.

Although the town was busier than most days, the market stalls were not busy. The fruit and vegetable stall at the bottom end of the town which always had a long queue, even late afternoon when the market is closing, was not busy.

If you want a mix of everything, try A&M, in the town centre, not good, but at least it is not a chain.

For real Thai food, try the Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage in Guildford.

Why, oh why, is there nowhere decent to eat in Aldershot?

Top Story in The China Daily (Friday 29 November 2013).

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4 Responses to “Mimosa in Aldershot”

  1. kevinrcarter Says:

    Do you think this is the same eatery that was in Farnborough a few years ago? That particular building (in Victoria Rd, Fnb) was up for rent a few months back for £60K per annum.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Yes, it is exactly the same as Real China, that was in Farnborough, that recently there was a planning application for a gambling den. The planning application for a gambling den has been withdrawn, but this is common practice, to fool opponents, so people must be on the alert.

    Same guy who ran and owned Real China, is running Mimosa. Whether as franchisee or manager, not known.

  3. keithpp Says:

    The guy who opened Real China, owns the building, or at least rents the building. Upstairs he rented out to the Probation Service, that is why always dodgy characters hanging around in the alley that runs down the side of the building.

    He was renting or hoping to rent what was the restaurant to whoever was going to run the gambling den.

    He may also have a finger in the demolition of The Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s.

    He is a Sikh, but you would not know this as he has neither the beard nor the headgear.

    If you check out TripAdvisor, quite a few negative comments on the rudeness of owner/manager.

    To put the £60k per annum in context, when the units opened at the other end of Queensmead, the rent to British Heart Foundation £40k per annum, and that was ten years ago,

    But, I agree, for Farnburger, far too high. Would expect to pay inner-city slum rents.

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